5 Badass Keanu Reeves Scenes That made you go Awestruck!

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He is a badass on-screen and a gentleman of it. He is the heartthrob of the internet. He is an inspiration of how a person can lift himself off from back to back adversity. Huh! There is so much to learn from Keanu Reeves. He is a darling!

As the actor turns 55 today, here are some of his finest moments that we think is a fitting tribute and a gift for his birthday.

Neo vs. Agent Smith – The Matrix

The matrix sequences are quite a stellar to see, especially the one-on-one sequences. However, nothing has come close to the Neo and Agent Smith fight in the subway station. There was a palpable sense of danger to the scene as no one was sure who will come alive out the fight. The fight is brutal, bloody, unrelenting, and it captures everything that we loved about the grim and gritty nature of the first Matrix film.

Party time(John Wick: Chapter 2)

Cassian, Gianna D’Antonio’s bodyguard, interrupted John Wick’s exit. This lead to chase in a giant party. This sequence is similar to the Red Circle scene in John Wick, but like everything in the sequel, it’s bigger, as Wick blows away several of Gianna’s guards in his attempt to getaway.

The Chateau Fight – The Matrix Reloaded

The Chateau fight is all about Keanu Reeves. It is one of the best action sequences of the Matrix franchise and of Keanu Reeves action movies apart from Matrix.

The library scene(John Wick: Chapter 3 ─ Parabellum)

This is the scene which right at the top. Killing a man over 6ft and too with a book, a fu****g book is no mean feat. The fight is simple but brutal as Wick uses large, heavy books as deadly weapons, first shoving a book in his attacker’s mouth then snapping his neck over one. We were given an idea that John Wick could kill with anything in his hand and this scene is the glimpse of that.

Silent but shooted subway(John Wick: Chapter 3 ─ Parabellum)

This is a very short scene but no one can take the entertainment out of it. Cassian follows John Wick in the New York subway, walking alongside him on an elevated platform. The pair shoot at each other with silencers with the people around them going about their business without much huss. This unflinching scene is a thing which must have brought a smile on everyone’s face.

Keanu Reeves is like a wine, he only gets better with age. With a scope of John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 on the way, we could do nothing but wait to listen, “Guns! Lots of guns.”

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