4 ways in which you can make your Denim Style a Standout

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A jeans jacket has gone from being an old-reliable menswear to a go-to dress code. It took a decade for Levi Strauss to realise that the cloth that worked so effectively for the men’s lower-half can also work brilliantly at the top.

Nevertheless, the modern man is smart enough and does not have the need to make that leap.

Apart from making for some best looking go-to wear pants, Denims can also make a very handsome and rugged jacket. Further, with a structure that tapers to the waist the denim jacket gives more of a masculine outline and adds to the visual appeal that comes from the layering. A denim jacket alone can give different looks with a different vibe. Be it casual or formal, Denim jacket is a must.

So here are the ways in which a man can use a denim jacket as a basic get-up:

With Chinos: 

Wearing double denim, that is, both on top and bottom is a big blunder! However, wearing it with Chinos can work wonders for your appearance.

A well pleats, creases and tab closure Chinos can give an outlook a smart and casual look at the same time.

Due to their military history, these cotton-twill fabric makes them a dependable ally with the denims. Adding a white shirt/T-shirt to the original Khaki color chino is an old-time classic which should be given a go.

Pairing it with Indigo Jeans:

Though a double denim is a no-no yet this combination is an exception in this list. Getting a Ryan Gosling badass Drive look with a Denim coupled with Indigo jeans can give you a smart, home county look.

With a Shirt and a tie:

This is the advantage of a denim jacket. It can go with formals as well! Making a partnership of a button-down Oxford instead of a stiff-colored poplin; a knitted tie instead of woven silk; chinos instead of tailored trousers with your denim jacket can give a stylish outlook to your work wear.

With a hoodie:

This a look which gives men a vague urban look. A hoodie is a natural partner for the denim jacket as they both are a low-key and chuck-on staples.

Keeping the colors neutral without going too boxy with the fit of the hoodie is essential. Avoiding brash logos of street wear’s latest drops is a must. One must stick to a navy or grey marl under a blue denim jacket.

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