You won’t believe what Finland’s New PM just proposed! Read to know

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This is groundbreaking! If implied then this will be fantastic. Oh sorry! We went with the flow of emotions.

Well, Sanna Marin, Finland’s youngest Prime Minister, has proposed a flexible working schedule in her country which would include working for 4 days and 6 hours. Yes, you read that right. This has been introduced so that employees can spend more time with their families and loved ones.

In her speech, she said that it is important for the people of Finland to work less. She further added that she believed that people deserved to spend more time with their families, pursue their hobbies and other aspects of life.

While Finland is currently working on its normal eight hours per day, five days per week. Whereas in neighbouring Sweden, the concept of the six-hour working day was trialled in 2015, and the results proved that the employees were a lot happier, wealthier and more productive when it came to working for fewer hours.

Further, in November, Microsoft introduced the concept of a 3-day weekend in Japan which was a bold move to improve the balance between work-life and personal life. This concept became known to people across the globe and this concept also proved that doing this Microsoft experienced a significant raise their employee’s productivity, i.e, by 39.9 per cent more than their regular schedule.

This is indeed the next step for us in working life!

So, having said all this, we would only request our companies to offer us this luxury so that we can be more productive and happy. (Hehehe!)

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