Why is Apple’s $400 iPhone SE the perfect package in 2020?

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Apple has played its most ambitious card in a very long time, setting the platform for some new competition in the budget smartphone landscape. With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple took smartphone pricing to an entirely new level. The world witnessed its first $1000 smartphone, and soon we saw competitors like Samsung and One Plus pushing their flagships to the limit.

This time it is different. Apple has launched a budget smartphone that will compete in the mid-tier budget range. This place was a feasting ground for a lot of smartphone manufacturers, which makes this even more exciting. They’re calling it the iPhone SE 2020. Much like the previous iteration launched in 2016, the SE tag stands for kick-ass specs in a compact design.

The SE 2020 sports the same body as of the iPhone 8. Like literally. If you have a case for iPhone 8, it will fit into this one. Spec-wise we see the same processor as that of Apple’s current 11 series – the “A13 Bionic”. What this means is that people buying the SE 2020 for $400 will get the same smooth experience as of the much expensive 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Not to mention, Apple’s extensive software support system. I’m betting almost 4 years of continual software support, even more, if the tech giant decides to give their consumers an even better value.

The camera has a 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor allowing users to take some excellent photographs. The much-acclaimed “portrait mode” also makes the spec list along with 4k 60 fps video recording capabilities. Apple has been ahead of the curve in terms of video, and this camera is second to none. An argument could be made for the iPhone SE 2020 to bag the best budget smartphone camera of the year.

All that coupled with an official IP rating, fast/wireless charging, and three exciting color options make the new iPhone SE the perfect buy for a lot of consumers this year. The pricing has shaken the budget smartphone industry to a point where we could see even cheaper smartphones in the android world with specs trying to match up with flagships. But would that be enough considering Apple’s brand value? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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