Time Management Like You’ve Never Perceived Before

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So February is ending, and you still cannot figure out what to do differently for 2020 to be “the year” of your lives? Don’t dread as most of us are going through the same.

Life isn’t supposed to be monotonous, and the definition of success, although “subjective,” demands specific skills that, if honed correctly, can help one achieve whatever they want to in their life.  The power of time management is both necessary and challenging to achieve, but the results could take you to an entirely different space in life.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a zillion times: “Manage your time well.” There is a reason why the value of time is emphasized on time and again. It is the only resource that you are sure of you’ll run out one day. The best part is you have the same amount of time as the person sitting next to you and the person you idolize — “Fair” on all accounts. You got no excuses.

For the best results, you need to refer to the Eisenhower Matrix. No, this is not rocket science; just have a look at the diagram; it’s a pretty simple way to explain something so complicated.

The four quadrants include almost 100 percent of activities that every person has to deal with. It is you who needs to prioritize.

The first quadrant includes activities that need to happen else; bad things could come to pass. No, you do not need to increase this in your life. On the contrary, limit them to a minimum. These actions are usually caused due to poor planning.

The second quadrant is critical. This is something you actually like to do in your life. Sadly, you tend to complete the activities in the first quadrant first before you take this up. People procrastinate the activities in this quadrant, thinking they don’t have benefits. They are wrong as these activities have the potential to make you a better person and change your life in the long term

Quadrant three has all the activities that are unnecessary but their urgency makes you take them up regardless. Delegate them; they aren’t meant for you.

Quadrant four is “Danger.” An utter waste of time, something you should completely eliminate from your life. These are things that you once thought were useful but you just procrastinated. Identify the “why” you do what you do, and you never have to waste time on it again.

So, that was time management in as brief a format as possible. If you need a further reference, just keep the Eisenhower Matrix close and take some time out to introspect and surgically identify the “what” and “why” of your day to day activities and fit them to the right quadrant. The details might surprise you.

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