The Habits of Highly Productive Personalities on a Weekend

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It is clear that highly productive people do something that is different in more ways than one. Their habits and routines constitute a system of their own making which is different than most of us. Not just the weekdays, their weekend routines are unlike ours. So what exactly do they do that is unique? We are here to pull the plug on that. Read along.

  • One of the major things that productive people do on weekends is to set objectives for the coming week. Yeah, instead of chilling, sleeping, and wasting the weekend hours under the “rest” tag, productive personalities condition themselves for the coming week and set their goals accordingly. The goal we are talking about is short term. It is the best antidote to setting big goals that are specified as “long term” and never savouring the courage to ever work on it. So, this weekend try to set small objectives that will be a part of your “big plan”. Cut your plans into weeks and months, stop the yearly thing.

  • So you’ve set your objectives? What next? Here is what productive people do. They are planning the week beforehand. Merely setting objectives doesn’t do any good in the modern world of endless distractions. You need to plan every day in advance. Use Google calendar or something to enhance clarity that will help you manage your time and set the road to achieving your weekly objective.

  • Looking back and assessing the previous week is also an essential trait shared only by some highly productive personalities. You can spend some time over the weekend to look back and analyse what worked out and what did not. This helps in setting future plans efficiently as you already know what leads to what and in how much time.

We know it is hard to break a habit, especially when your mind and body are screaming “Netflix and Chill.” Do not dread; take small steps. Merely half an hour is enough for you to prep for everything. Netflix can wait for sure. This is the time of your lives. Good Luck.

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