The First Look Of Robert Pattinson As The New “Batman” Is Here

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If you thought Joaquin Phoenix winning the best actor for Joker was satisfying, wait till you see this one. Mark Reeves treated DC fans with delight by revealing the first look of Robert Pattinson in the iconic Batsuit. The video went viral soon after it was posted on Vimeo, titled The Batman – Camera Test. Have a look:

The video sees Robert Pattinson in the batsuit stepping into a red hue with dramatic music playing in the background. The suit has a rather smooth look to it which looks pretty different with the ecstatic mask cut. People took to their various social media platforms to comment on the new look. Here are some worthy reactions:

Surely we love the noir detective theme as well.


Breaking the internet for sure today. Excitement levels are off the charts.


For everyone wondering about the intricacies of the new suit. This guy has got all the answers.


The rather unusual breastplate has a story to it. Interesting much.

Mark Reeves has set the stage for good, and the world awaits the movie’s release in June 2021. With a stellar cast including the likes of Andy Serkis, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright and many others this movie might live up to or even set a standard of its own if executed in the correct direction. For now, all of us have our fingers crossed.

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