Survive The Heat Wave With These Cool Hacks

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Steaming hot summers of India can be quite challenging. As temperature rise, most of you resort to keeping your homes cool by using air conditioners and coolers. Ironically, while draining your budget to keep your house cool, you are also burning fossil fuels, making the world a blistering place.

Thankfully, a few smart yet easy hacks can help you keep your home cool without racking up massive carbon footprints.

Here is a list of 7 natural ways to cool yourself will help you save money on energy bills and rely less on air conditioners and coolers.

Be a Techie – Bowl of Ice and a Fan

The smartest and economical method to keep a room cool can be found using three things that are easily available in any house: a fan, ice, and a large metal bowl. The air blowing around a large metal bowl of ice helps it cool the room (though at a slower pace).

Sleep like Egyptians

Did you know that hanging a wet sheet in front of your window can create a natural air-conditioner-like effect? Speaking of which, you can also try-out the Egyptian method of staying cool by actually sleeping on a slightly wet sheet. As the sheet gets dried up, it will keep you cool and fresh as a daisy on steamy hot nights.

Make Yourself a Snuggly Rice Pillow

Making rice pillows is easy, economical, and an ideal way to keep your bed cool in the scorching summer. They are perfect to snuggle and can be chilled in the refrigerator for steamily hot days. The rice packs also work wonders on minor injuries or ailments. Itchy bug bite? Put a rice pack on it. Sprained your ankle? Rice pack is here to the rescue.

Summer Window Boxes

Window planters are gaining huge popularity in India. Green plants on your window ledge help dampen and cool the hot air flowing in and around your house. Moreover, the vibrant colors and quirky designs also make your windows look attractive.

 Paint It White

Just like the way ice reflects UV rays instead of absorbing the heat as the ocean does, the white terrace can help keep the house cool. A coat of white lime wash on a flat terrace can help the surface to remain cool throughout the summer. However, this washes away in the rains, so reapplication is needed every summer.

Roof garden

Another way of reducing roof temperature is stacking bundles of damp straw which can work as a natural insulator on a plastic sheet on the terrace. However, the best way to keep a terrace cool is a roof garden (the mud used to grow plans works as a good insulator) though it may a bit time-consuming.

Beat the heat!

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