Stuff to wish for on Christmas

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A Damn Baneblade

This is it. This is what you want to get. This darn juggernaut of all tanks is 316 tons and so powerful that its own recoil propels it back on its own tread marks. Protected by numerous layers of Ceramite and Plasteel, it produces a deafening roar every time it fires. Get one and park it where everyone can see it.

Primary weapon – Ten-meter-long turret-mounted Baneblade Cannon.

Secondary weapon – Hull-mounted demolisher cannon.

Tertiary Weapons – Hull-mounted three sets of twin-linked heavy bolters and two side sponsons, each one with a twin-linked heavy bolter and a las cannon

A Dragon

The one that gets as big as Balerion – The Black Dread. Balerion was so huge, its shadow alone could engulf a whole town. His teeth were as long as Ned Stark’s Ice, and we don’t have to introduce you to how much destruction it could cause. His fire forged the iron throne. Aegon rod Balerion during the Targaryen Conquest, and he helped Aegon take over Westeros.

A Crystal Ball


A little crystal ball that transforms itself into anything you want. This can be interesting and wreak havoc at the same time. Make sure you don’t wish for it to become another Sun or Moon. If this were to happen, the whole universe, not just planet earth, will witness doomsday.

Wings And No Boundaries

The planet earth is beautiful. There’s so much to see that one lifetime isn’t enough. There’s a saying that goes like – If traveling was free, you’d never see me again. Well, that is never likely to happen. With so much inflation happening right now, it is just going to get costlier. There are flight tickets, visa fees, accommodation, food, and so much more that you spend on while you travel. However, if there were no boundaries and we could get wings and migrate like birds traveling would become so much cheap.

Inner peace

You may be filthy rich. Maybe you can buy the most expensive car made of gold, the most expensive home, have a yacht a private jet, and you probably may have enough money to buy the moon but look inside, does any of it give you inner peace? Self-acceptance is the key. Stay happy with what you have. No one is perfect. Tell yourself you’re enough but, mind it that does not mean you should not improve yourself as a human. Grow positively. Forgive, show gratitude, share, spread love, and peace.

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