Simple Things That Make You Super Happy

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At times, life can really suck and you feel so hopeless as if there’s no end to this drag. But surprisingly, a few simple, silly, and weird things that happen in our daily life can actually take you into a state of pure joy! Here’s to all those odd things that make you forget the biggest problems of your life (at least for a while..)

1. Sleeping In a Freshly Made Bed

  1. Finding Money at Unexpected Places

  1. Snuggling On the Sofa With Bae

4. Popping Bubble Wrap

5. Getting a Seat on the Bus or Metro

6. Grabbing The Last Slice of a Pizza

  1. Your Delivery Order Showing up Before It’s Due

  1. A Good Hair Day

  1. Getting to the Metro Platform, Just as the Train Arrives

  1. Singing & Dancing Like a Maniac When No One’s Home

And this weird list goes on and on… So, what’s that silly thing that just makes your day, no matter what? Comment below!

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