On his 31st birthday, Virat Kohli pens down the heartwarming letter that one can write to their younger self

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There is a saying that one must imagine a future version of oneself. This not only helps the person to understand what he/she wants to achieve but also gives a sense of satisfaction that there is a goal in place.

However, life is a dessert made up of turbulent moments with a garnishing of some good ones. If you would have asked me 5 years back where do I see myself, then I would have said maybe in a B-school but here I am, happily working my way as a content writer!

Life is full of surprises, we never know what’s next! And, this is something that Virat Kohli marked in his letter which he wrote to his younger version.

Here are a few takeaways from that letter which the Indian Captain shared on his 31st birthday.

1. Surprises are everything!

We sometimes forget that not knowing what’s coming is the meaning of life.

2. It is all about the journey.

Truly, it is all about the process and not the destination. A process full of uncertainty, disappointments, challenges, and opportunities lost and gained. All these are necessary ingredients to what makes life worth living. The destination is a byproduct, we will eventually reach there if the process is right.

3. It is about grabbing the opportunities and not taking them for granted!

Ultimately what matters in shaping our life is how we encash on the slightest of the opportunity coming our way. Furthermore, it is important to not take these opportunities for granted.

4. Believe in oneself.

There will be a time where the curve will go down, things will not go in the favour, people will doubt and some will even dislike. However, all this secondary! The basic thing is to keep believing in yourself. It is important to remind oneself to keep trying and keep rising.

5. Parents are your well-wishers!

Parents might seem strict at times but it is just because they want to see the best version of ourselves. No matter what happens, they stand by our sides and love us unconditionally.

Respect and love are all they need. Spending some moments with them is all we need!

No matter what reports might say about this man, time and again he has shown that he is one of us. In the clouds of stardom and greatness, there lies a Dilli ka chokra who once was a part of the street cricket we cherish in our memories.

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