Oh Instagram, Why did you do this!

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So Instagram has taken a stand to protect people’s privacy. With its latest update it has not only introduced the dark mode for iPhone users but also disallowed everyone to see their follower’s activity. Still wondering how this has an effect on you? Well! Maybe you are single or just not bothered much about stalking others. But a lot of people are. They use social media for the sole purpose of stalking others or always looking out for what others are doing. Here is a look at the things that have changed after the update:

  • No more stalking

Regardless of your gender. If you stalk much then your career has officially ended after this vicious step by the social media giant. The perfect time for you to go and get a life.

  • No more couple debates

Why did you like her picture? Why are you still commenting on his updates? I’m sure you’ve experienced this. Well! Now you won’t. You’re free to let go and explore other “options”.

  • One less thing to worry about for Celebrities

Celebrities are judged on more matters than one and on a variety of platforms in life. Now they can cross instagram off their list of worries. They can post, share, like and comment on whatever they like without the constant unrest of judgement and media exposure.

We’ve also handpicked a few hilarious tweets that express the mood just right.

People are surely conveying their thoughts in the most fun manner possible. What do you think of this change? Are you a happy boyfriend or a frustrated girlfriend? Whatever the answer is the fact that social media is taking privacy seriously is one step in the right direction for sure.

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