Let’s Admit It! Love Is Above and Beyond Sexual Orientation

With same sex marriages steadily becoming legal and accepted across the country, sexuality still is a much-talked about topic.

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With same-sex marriages steadily becoming legal and accepted across the country, sexuality still is a much-talked-about topic. But there is more to sexuality than being either straight, gay, or lesbian. There are numerous sexual orientations because it’s hard to fit into any well turned-out category. Sexual orientations can be identified in several ways, it’s up to you to decide and define.
However, it’s time to get over “Homosexuals” as there are other kinds of sexual orientations as well which you must haven’t heard of.


Rahul: Hey, that girl is nice! I’m going to talk to her.
Rohan: Oh. Her? I struggle to find her smart because she is considerably less educated than I am. I am not saying I am too good for her, it’s just that: I am Sapiosexual.
Believe it or not! A certain percentage of people finds intelligence as the most sexually attractive feature in the opposite sex. This is not to say that the date ‘repelling’ people or that physical appearance does not count; the individual does not give too much importance to physical attributes.

Are You A Sapiosexual?
A Sapiosexual would agree with the below-mentioned statement:
• “I like a person who acts intelligently and dresses wisely as well.”
• “Ill-logical or ill-witted people annoy me the most.”
• “I likeelusivemind games that leave mepondering whether someone likes me or not.”
PRO Tips –
• When you date a Sapiosexual use a correct spelling with proper capitalization when messaging on social media.
• Ask him/her how to correctly spell/pronounce his/her surname.
• Reveal your perverse sense of humour in a nonchalant manner, like a whisper in his/her ear, when crowded by people.
Your brain turns me on!!


For many people, ‘crushing’ is the way of living. You must have those friends who are constantly talking about people they saw on the street or in class that turn them on. However, these conversations can absolutely take over your lunch squad and even dominate the group on WhatsApp. However, at times youmust have felt, “oh boy, WTF are they talking about?” If yes, you might be Demisexual.
With so many dating apps at your fingertips, swiping right for a prospective hookup or relationship has never been easier. But if this sounds absolute hogwash to you or you think “WTF”online dating sucks, it may be because you are Demisexual.
Preferentially, demisexuals are not sexually attracted to anyone of any particular gender; however, when they are emotionally connected to someone else. Whether the feelings are romantic or there is deep friendship, they experience sexual desire and attraction, but only towards a specific partner or partners.

If this sounds exactly like you, here are 5 other signs you might be Demisexual –
• Looks are mostly inappropriate or irrelevant.
• Maximum times your relationships start out as friendships.
• You like sex, but it’s not “EXTREMELY” important to you.
• First dates are “ESSENTIAL” for you.
• You have probably been called a “prude”, especially when it comes to dating and sex.
Already going on an INTROSPECTIVE Ride??


Pansexual is mostly conceptualisedas a label that signifies sexual or romantic attraction to people irrespective of their gender expression (femininity or masculinity), biological sex, or gender identity. For some pansexual people may say that, when it comes to attraction, they don’t find gender as a relevant aspect. That’s what distinguishes pansexuality from bisexuality or omnisexuality.
Well, that’s a bit hard to grasp!!
Pansexual people may refer to themselves as “gender-blind,” asserting that sex and gender are not determining factors in their sexual or romantic attraction to others. So, you must choose wisely before pursuing anybody.
So what is pansexuality and how does it differ from other LGBTQcommunities?
• First and foremost, it’s a real thing.
• Pansexual is not as same as bisexual.
• It’s not common for people who once identified as pansexual.
• Pansexuality does not interpret as “promiscuity”.
• It has nothing to do with gender.
• Pansexuals want “cuddly” relationships, too.
• It’sNOT just about SEX.
Literally, Pansexuals can date whoever they want!
Undoubtedly, a blessing in disguise!

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