It’s Time to realize that you have been making these 3 Fasting Mistakes

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As we battle out Covid-19, of course from our homes, there is no shying away from the joy of Navratri which in some sense has deflected the fears of a life-threatening virus.

With Navratri comes fasting and it’s time to face that fasting is beneficial. This is the reason why it has been established in our country for a long time.

The best thing is that there are many ways of doing it. We do in the form of Navratri or in the name of our god. Ramadan, a month-long fasting event, is a time of self-improvement, heightened devotion, worship, and spiritual reflection. Muslims put more effort into this practice in order to respect and follow the teachings of Islam. Biblical fasting is performed as a force that will combat and take all the satisfaction away in a positive manner.


Apart from religious beliefs, fasting has a lot of scientific benefits attached to it. Firstly, it gives your digestive organs a break by detoxing them and reducing their level of inflammation. And, secondly, it is like doing a meditation, which is more of a conscious effort, where you can practice your thoughts, listen to your body and curb your eating habits accordingly.

Despite that, we tend to make a few mistakes while fasting that are good enough to hide its benefits. Want to know what they are?

Increasing the quantity of fried foods.

fried food

We tend to forget the main motive of our fasting, besides, we enjoy it with all the oily chips, pakodas, papads, sabudana khichdi, and kuttu ki puri. These oily products are the crusaders of indigestion and acidity in the stomach.  They also make you more lethargic and raise the level of fatigue in the body.

fried food

Thus the question: If not this then what? Opt for kuttu ki roti made in desi ghee. In case you want to eat puri then fry it in olive oil. Consuming food in its simple form has a plethora of benefits that we are not aware of.

Overdosing body with Sugar

Overdosing body with Sugar

Fasting is all about self-restraint and yet what we do during this meditation is that we overdose it with toxins like sugar. Yes, the body craves for glucose but is it really has to be sugar?

avoid drinks

Try avoiding drinks that have sugar and opt for fresh fruit juices that can provide that injection of glucose that your body needs. Try minimizing sugar as much as possible if you are opting for tea or coffee. Keep a bag of raisins and jaggery to complement the lack of sugar input.

Drink water as much as you can

drink water

It is scientifically proven that lack of hydration impacts our sleep and our mental well-being. Besides, this is a gospel truth that human body weight is made up of 70% water. If you don’t have enough water, especially during fasting, it affects our physical health and is one of the chief reasons for tiredness and dizziness in our body.

drink more water

Drinking water helps in keeping throbbing huger attacks at bay. Drinking water also makes sure that you will not face problems like constipation or stomach irritation.  Having coconut water, buttermilk, lassi, and lemon water will help you in keeping your in check while maintaining your body’s water level.

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