How NOT TO photograph at these world-famous sites!

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Travelling is great! Of course, you want a getaway from the hustle and bustle of your regular routine; spend time in a different city with unknown people and its rich heritage. This also means a chance to click a plethora of photos and showcase where you have been. However, one does not realise that in doing so, there is something which makes us throw originality out of the doors.

See, you slowed down!

Though you might find new poses to get a good picture, your new pose is a cliché one! By cliché, we don’t want to say that your picture is not good rather they are one of the most overused poses that you thought as a must take one.

So, here are the most commonplace poses a tourist take while they visit a new place:

You might not be the only one Holding Taj Mahal

Common man! Let’s be realistic

Trying to make a Phone call in London’s faux phone and clicking a pic, seriously!

Making a Beatles pose on the Abbey Road to let others realise that you are travellers

Oh boy, who are we kidding with this one?

Okay, this is going a little out of hand

How Romantic!

What other poses can you think of? Do you have any photos on your phone? We know you do! Haha…

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