Here is How Social Media alters your Lifestyle in 3 Unique Ways

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How much time do you spend on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media application? Let me provide you with some options:

    1. Around 5 hours
    2. Around 5-10 hours
    3. Around 10-15 hours
    4. More than 15 hours

(These hours also include the time you spend watching videos, reading magazines, giving your opinions, trolling, and forwarding various click-bait articles)

How many of you chose the last option? Perhaps, none!

As per the recent research by Crowdtrap, average individuals within the age group of 18 to 36 spend most of their hours using various social media channels. Is there ever research without a number? Yes, we will give you a number; and, that is 17.8 hours of your day is consumed by social media.

your day on social media.
You are sacrificing crucial 17.8 hours of your day on social media. Think about it!

Is this ringing a bell of self-realization in your mind? Let us elaborate before you do that.

Besides making you look like a jerk, obsessively texting or using social media to check new updates makes you one.

Looking for superficial things

Also, using social media or having the urge to compulsively use it makes you more shallow and decreases your morale towards life.

Is it really important to have unseen or distant “friends” approval?

Things just don’t end here. Research also states that people who frequently use their social media accounts are concerned with more superficial things than deep, meaningful things in life. Living with virtues like honesty, loyalty, dignity is replaced by the unquenchable thirst of posting something extravagant on social media. The need to discuss important matters with family is replaced by the approval and likes of unknown followers and friends.

Traits of Narcissism

As per Psychology Today, they found that people who showed traits of egotism(narcissism) tend to highly use textual-based platforms like Twitter or social media.

what you are becoming!
You know what you are becoming!

However, they concluded that people on Facebook tend to deviate from the original life-goals and become more egotist over time. They further found that those who used Twitter wanted to prove their superiority while those on Facebook were of an attention-seeking kind.

Getting more Aggressive and Rude

With no eye-contact and meaningful deep conversations, researchers suggest that using excessive social media platforms is making us more aggressive and dominating.

As per a study carried out by Psychology Today, with this changing time, rudeness has become the new normal for people today. Facebook rants and Twitter feuds have paved the way for more fights than an old-era war could do. Besides, it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to practice self-contemplation by asking ourselves, “Is this really important?”, “Who is ruder, me or her/him?”, “Should I mature enough to let him/her have the last word?”, and more importantly, “Why are we even heightening this matter?”.

Is it really important to be the one with the last word? Can we be more mature?

Furthermore, the moment you decide to give a piece of advice to someone, in short, broadcasting your opinion, you are ensuring that you are cutting through the peaceful noise, hence, allowing rudeness to seep in.

This rudeness is a poison to our bodies. It has negative effects that we don’t see coming at our nervous systems. It affects our cognitive ability to think, act, and feel. Our executive functions are hampered by this little activity. Hence, our relationship with our brain is impeded.

So after reading this article, I would like to request you to put your phone down, close your eyes, and think: is it really necessary to brag your lifestyle on social media? What is more important for you: Your so-called unseen “motivating friends” or your family who is there with you in the thick and thin? Is it essential to give your piece of mind or be mature enough to ignore someone’s opinion that doesn’t hold relevance in your life?

The choice is yours!

What do you think?

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