Game Of Thrones Fan Theories Season- 8

Conclusion Game of Thrones
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With season 8 almost nearing its conclusion fans are a mixture of thrilled and confused. The latest episode 5 has risen eyebrows of critics across the world questioning the character development and lazy script writing of the show developers. Did that really need to happen? To what the hell just happened? Fans were left hanging in their own dilemmas after what unfolded right in front of their eyes. Now that people await the final episode, the so-called self-proclaimed grand maesters around the world have put forward a whole slew of theories which would conclude the epic song of ice and fire.

     1. Arya Stark to kill the Mad Queen and claim the Iron Throne

Game of thrones season 8

With Danaerys living up to the last words of Missandei quite literally in episode 5, it’s only natural to think that fans have turned themselves from her character. And what better way for her to die than by the hands of the master assassin herself. Arya Stark is the hot favorite and at the forefront of the list of characters destined to kill danaerys and also to rule the realm. Yes! With the night king and danaerys dying by her hands, there isn’t any other suitable candidate to the iron throne.

     2. Jon Kills Danaerys.

game of thrones conclusion

Aegon Targaryen has seen the downfall of her aunt from the righteous and moral queen he bent the knee to the drogon riding fire spilling city destroyer. With his mind still working on believing what his eyes have seen it’s safe to say that Jon’s actions might take a turn for good. Like stabbing  Dany in the heart.  Just do it, Jon! She killed innocent children. Apparently, the lord bought you back for a reason.

     3. Iron throne burns to ashes

Conclusion Game of thrones

With a conflict of interests and the utter desolation of kings landing, it’s not unbelievable to think that the thing spurring all this be destroyed itself. The most uncomfortable looking chair in the world would be gone for good if this theory is to be believed.

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