Famous Sacred Games Season -2 Dialogues that you can relate and use in your daily Life

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Hola People

The Second season of the most awaited web series Sacred Games is out.  Hope all of you have already got a few glimpses of it by now. The dialogues of this season from the glimpses have got quite trending. So we thought of relating a few of them to our daily life situations.

So now let’s see how relatable they are.

1.That feeling that you get when your siblings annoy you the most.

2. When your relative gives you career advice.

3. When you are high and your friend calls and asks where you are.

4. When your food blogger posts biryani on Instagram during the month end and tags you.

5. When your single friend tells you about Love

6. When you have to share your bedroom with your siblings

7. When your colleague flaunts his new iphone x

8. When you call your ex to get a few things and she cuts the phone

9. When your siblings realize that Life after college is not what it was promised to be

11. When your siblings come to you with doubts and you clear them all.

Well these were just a handful of them. Although there are many more dialogues, but revealing them would be a sin. So go ahead, complete the season and get back to us with those dialogues that you were able to relate to.

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