Enlightened Yourself With The Term ‘Bukchod’ Kyunki Bukchodi Bhi Zaroori Hai!

The term Bukchod/ Bakchod is a millennial word/ slang which has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the parts of North India, including Delhi, UP, Bihar and Noida.

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People love to use this word as if it is a courtesy.  And the favourite lines used during conversation are :

Kya Bukchodi hai?

Sala Bukchod hai

Bukchodi mat kar!

Yeh tho Bukchod hai,

But most of the people don’t really know the ‘exact’ meaning of Bukchod and take it as a favourite compliment . So we are with the defination of Bukchod to help you clear the miss understanding of the definition.

See what people think about it.

Dictionary meaning

What Ann Lust, B.Tech from KIIT University has to say

 Another view from Amit Lubling

Another opinions

I hope, now you are all set to call yourself or others a Bukchod!

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