Did you know that this thing alone can improve your Sleep Cycle?

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What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Keep everything on hold! No matter what you had in your breakfast nothing can benefit your brain in a more beneficial way than this item can. Curious to know what we are talking about?

Before we tell you about that, could you please tell us: Why is breakfast important?

One can do all sorts of things about intermediate fasting yet cannot deny that breakfast is the most crucial meal of your day. It kick-starts your metabolism, provides you with the essential thrust of energy you need to get your work done, and also, increases your focus.

Having breakfast is the most important factor to kick-off your day!

This brings to me the question: Have you been skipping this all this while?

If your answer is yes, then we have a problem. The reason? Ignoring/skipping your first meal of the day can really throw your body’s rhythm in a backward direction. Though the concept of intermediate and whatnot kind of fasting is pretty fascinating; however, think it this way: Your sugar-level across your body, muscles, and the brain is usually low in the morning; hence, by fasting or skipping your meal, aren’t you guilty of forbidding your body from restoring the balance?

So, what did you have for breakfast today? Did you have any intake of sweets? How about chocolate or a cake? Anything?

Everyone loves sweets. No one can deny that. Be it in the form of a regular bar of chocolate, a confectionery item, or something from a sweet shop; there is always some form of sweet that makes a person go head over heels.

Irrespective of form, it is a human tendency to drool over sweet.

However, what if we tell you that including chocolate, perhaps dark chocolate, is beneficial to your metabolism and your sleep at night. Will you believe it? How about a study backed by science?

As per the recent research, eating chocolate in small amounts for breakfast can indeed improve your sleep at night!

The first thing that we sacrifice as we grow is our quality night’s sleep. The quest for a good night’s sleep turns into a dream. The sleep quality decays as we from our childhood to puberty. The same can be said for our adulthood and eventually, our senescent phase.

Sleep decays
Sleep decays with an increase in age.

Not getting enough sleep at night may lead to impaired cognitive development and performance during the day. Besides, it can alter circadian rhythms( physical, behavioral, and mental changes that follow a daily routine). This, in turn, can increase the risk of diseases like obesity, cancer, and worse, a chronic cardiovascular disease.

It doesn’t sound good, right?

As much as we try to fool around with our brain, we tend to forget that he is a very smart customer. He pays attention to every small detail, and this includes our eating patterns. It has evolved so much over the years that it has an abundance of knowledge about how the food activity cycle began. (The upcoming thing is crucial)

Due to this archaic intense knowledge, our brains know that having a good amount of sugar intake first thing in the morning increases the levels of metabolism, thus, making us active in the morning. Apart from that, this sugar intake improves our circadian rhythms, which are essential for good well-being.

Science has backed chocolate’s improvement of circadian rhythms.

Also, having chocolate for breakfast abates the sluggishness caused as an effect of disturbed critical circadian rhythms.

As per the study, taking a piece (about 5 grams) of chocolate daily at the beginning of the day restores the circadian system by directly working on the biological clock of the brain.

Chocolate with its various taste benefits comprises of a complex variety of chemicals. These chemicals after combining together exercise compound effects on the brain and the body. Thus, reinstating the energy levels and activeness in the body along with boosting your mood.

This clearly explains why eating chocolate( in small proportions) first thing as your breakfast is so crucial. However, ensure one thing that you are not crashing over chocolate. If it can improve your sleep cycle then it can hamper it too. Stimulants like phenethylamine and theobromine with sugar can deprive you of your sleep if consumed more or prior to bedtime.

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