Did you know that these 5 Films were a remake of Hollywood Cult-Classics?

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From Masakali 2.0 to Dus Bahane 2.0, Bollywood has been the epicenter of remakes that shouldn’t have been made.

Though they claim their work to be a piece of inspiration yet there is no denying the fact that with the evolution of music and content, Bollywood has been at the forefront of wrongdoing! We can back this claim by proof from AR Rahman. Yes, they even induced a reply from the quietest man of this industry.

As Kids

As kids, we tend to see less of Jim Carrey and more of Govinda, unlike the kids of today who are very smart. Over time, when we saw the work of legendary Hollywood actors like him, it is only after that we realized that most of the Bollywood so-called “originals” were a remake of Hollywood cult-classics.

So to clear the air, here is a list of few movies which were Hollywood remakes and perhaps, you don’t know that!

Kyuki Mai Jhoont Nhi Bolta… Liar Liar


We believed it to be a Bollywood original until we saw Jim Carrey doing the same thing as Govinda in Liar Liar. Rather, Govinda replicating doing what Jim Carrey did!

Krrish… Paycheck



Didn’t you hoot for every action of Krrish as an innocent child? We were subtly made to believe that Krrish was a sequence of Koi Mil Gaya… it’s only after these many years, we unravel that Krrish too was loosely inspired from Paycheck. Indeed, it was!

Judwa… Twin Dragons

Judwaa Twin Drag

Salman Bhai and remake go hand-in-hand. Certainly, Bollywood can’t pass a chance to reproduce Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragons in their own style with music. Besides, it went a level higher when they remade it again to totally destroy it with Judwaa 2 with an extra “a” in the name.

Partner… Hitch



Salman Bhai, Govinda, David Dhawan, and remakes, a team that can’t pass a chance of a remake. And, without a doubt, they combined to produce their own version of Will Smith’s Hitch that too within two years of its release! We need to start to pity ourselves.

Dostana… I Now Pronounce you, Chuck and Larry


How many, we repeat, how many of us don’t know about this? No harm in admitting. Like Krrish, this too is an inspiration.

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