Coldplay just made 2019 a Year to Remember

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With a 4 year dry run, Coldplay ended the year with a surprise for their fans across the world. A double LP titled “Everyday Life”. Fans had been longing for their tunes ever since the melancholic and upbeat “A head full of dreams” took the world by storm. We are here to break down a few highlights of the amazing 8th album by Coldplay. Read-Along.

The double LP deals with more matters of the world than ever before. Coldplay is known to engage with matters of love and intimate perception throughout their careers. With “Everyday Life” they directly target the ongoing world scenario including environmental issues, war, and violence. Their vision seems mature and it only reflects in their sound.

The dark tone of “Arabesque” screams blood accented perfectly by French Lyrics and a beautiful jazz aura. “Orphans” expresses frustration in the happiest tone possible. You might be fooled to think it’s a happy song. Go through the lyrics and you’d be surprised. The painful “Guns” sites sensitive issues and breaks it down to the only solution: “We need more guns”. Chris Martin swearing his lungs out is when you know the world is going wrong. A sharp and crisp message is sent across with the title track “Everyday Life” which sounds very “Coldplayish” and beautiful as always. “Daddy” will surely go down in history as a ballad that’ll make you cry. Coldplay goes full euphoric mode in “Champion of the world”. A song that is sure to leave fans screaming at the concerts.

Go now and listen to the whole album available now on all major streaming platforms. Also, when you’re done appreciating the sonic genius of the album make sure to watch the official videos for “Orphans” and “Daddy” for a splendid visual experience. Coldplay’s video presentation has always been one of a kind and they only get better over time.

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