Celebrate Google’s 21st Birthday With 5 Best Doodles That We Love

Google's 21st Birthday
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Google has resorted to vintage ways to celebrate its 21st birthday. The search engine giant which was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1980 has decided to celebrate its birthday with a doodle that shows Google search engine screen on a desktop computer.

Google started experimenting with doodles to highlights historical events. Due to this, Doodle rapidly became a daily fixture on the Google homepage.

As Google turns 21 today, we present some of the doodles which we loved!

Water painted Google to mark Claude Monet’s birthday (Nov 14, 2001)

In 2001, Google changed its trend of using doodle to mark the national holidays with the depiction of Google logo which created the impression of a style that only a painter can pull-off. This was done to mark the birthday of the famous French Painter Claude Monte.

A life celebrated Google (Feb 1, 2014)

To celebrate the life of Harriet Tubman’s life, Google created a doodle which had Harriet Tubman’s image and a lamp, to showcase her escape from slavery and brave missions to rescue others from the same fate.

Doodle Chaplin (Apr 16, 2011)

To mark Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birth anniversary, one of Google’s doodles put-on a mustache and hat to pay tribute to the great comic genius of the silent movie era.

International Women’s Day (Mar 8, 2017)

Although Google has honored International Women’s Day for a long time, however, in 2017 it went an extra yard by giving a tribute to the 13 pioneers who have shaped our lives.

PAC-MAN (May 21, 2010)

Who does not love PAC-Man? It has been a roaring success in the electronic gaming sector. So, celebrating the same, for PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary, Google launched the first-ever playable Doodle that provides the experience of the old arcade game.

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