Burger King stops production of Whopper Burgers for a day! Read to know why?

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Not all oceans are bloody red!

Competition is not a competition if it is not taken in a spirited way. One must respect their opponents and should be ready to lend their hands if the duty calls.

So, how does it matter if that helping hand is for one of your fierce competitors? Messi and Ronaldo are the epitome of rivalry yet they never leave a chance to favour each other whenever one asks for.

Recently, Burger King did the same for McDonald’s. If you are a frequent burger eater then it will not take time for you to comprehend the hard-core level of contest these two are involved in.

However, Burger King launched “A day without Whopper campaign” where it stopped selling their top-selling product The Whopper burger, for a day to increase the sales of McDonald’s.

The reason for this campaign was to help McDonald’s in their fundraising campaign. A campaign in which they pledged to donate money received to the Children with Cancer for every Big Mac that they sold.

This action has been taken well among the people and here are a few reactions of them.

Indeed! The gesture is pretty cool.

This act is a prove that even fierce rivals can work together for good reasons.

Even though it is a marketing strategy, it is unique and attention-seeking in a good way. The initiative taken by a competitor to help another competitor is just pure class and deserves respect.

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