Bukchod Picks: Top 16 Bollywood Movies of the Decade

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Huh, Can’t believe that we are almost on the verge to end a decade! Hello, 90’ kids, how are you feeling?

Nevertheless, this decade has seen some exceptional work in terms of entertainment. The best part about this work is that our very own Bollywood has finally figured out the fine line between a commercial cinema and an indie cinema. As a result, this decade was decorated with exquisite movies which engaged us so much that it is hard for us to forget them. So, let’s have a look at our picks of the decade:

1. Udaan(2010)

Who saw it coming? Vikram Motwane;s directorial debut is one of the coming-of-age films of this decade. It does feel like a cold summer memory to us now! However, this film was a playful and quite artistic in its way of representing a teenager and his anxiety on the child abuse he is facing. With heartbreaking dialogues, a powerful cast, soothing soundtrack and brilliant cinematography, Udaan is first of our picks.

2. Band, Baaja Baaraat(2010)

Though this film was a commercial one but what set it apart from the rest was the way it presented the authentic nature of Hindi movies without involving the “real star power”. There was dance, drama, comedy and romance; every element of a Bollywood movie. Moreover, the film zero in on to create relatable story with crafty hilarious sequences and an original sound track.

3. Love, Sex aur Dhokha(2010)

We cannot believe that this movie was made in 2010! Mostly, due to its name and partly because of its nature. In an era of commercial cinema, this movie, which was an anthology of three stories woven together, was a rare and bold feat. Further, its raw, unflinching and brutal depiction of ‘young India’ was exceptional. This movie was kind of a bollywood formula breaking film in the sense that the filming technique was novel by Indian standards, had an episodic screenplay and each story was inspired by a newspaper headline.

4. Delhi Belly(2011)

Who imagined this coming? Interval-less, English Language Black Comedy about diarrhoea and diamonds revolving around some crazy Delhi Dudes was a film way ahead of its time. Of course, you might have played the DK Bose song a million times but there is no denying the fact the Delhi Belly was a screwball with a captivating story along with an indeginous soundtrack by Ram Sampath.

5. Zindagi na milegi dobara(2011)

Hard to get past this one! This is Zoya Akhtar’s finest creation. If there is a film that defines friendship and wanderlust in one go then it has to be Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. This film is a proof of how good Zoya Aktar is as a storyteller. The movie was very relatable, refreshing and had perfect anecdote on a timeless yet patchy friendship and relationships.

6. Gangs Of Wasseypur(2012)

“Maarenge nhi saale ko, uski keh ke lenge!”, this is an eternal line now. The audacious two-film saga spanning around three generations by Anurag Kashyap was a pitch-perfect depiction of gangland violence blending with family ambition and intriguing story about vengeance and burning passion to gain power of Wasseypur. There is so much more to this film that one runs out expression every time one sits to watch this saga.

7. Vicky Donor(2012)

If Love, Sex and Dhokha set the platform then Vicky Donor cemented that very platform in a society where the topic of sex is a taboo. With a film on sperm donation was an unusual subject for a Bollywood rom-com. However, it worked and how! The movie was peppered with hilarious but relatable dialogues and with accurate depiction of what a Punjabi and Bengali pigeon holes are in India.

8. The Lunchbox(2013)

The Lunchbox is a movie with an unconventional ending. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we love Irrfan Khan and his movies. Time after time he has been delivering us with a peach of a film and Lunchbox is surely one of them.

9. Haider(2014)

Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet was exceptional! It was one of those films that seamlessly captured the elements of the epic play within India’s socio-political climate. Still withstanding to present an entertaining film that rightfully grabbed and captured your attention.

10. Masaan(2015)

Fitting to say that it is a film of debutants! This film is sure to leave a deep impact on your psyche; further, the film serves a lesson in seasoned and evocative storytelling. Masaan is also a one-of-a-kind film which explores the multi-faceted side of grief which is mostly shown in the form of tears.

11. Aligarh(2015)

A sensitive, brilliant and important film on a very crucial subject, Aligarh is a must-watch for everyone! Manoj Bajpayee has all the more elevated himself as an extraordinary actor after this movie. His portrayal and the manner of portraying of Prof. Siras is unique and this is something that catches the attention of the viewer.

12. Kapoor and Sons(2016)

The film’s main highlight was the depiction of characters in a sense that they were not perfect or noble, still they were extremely likable and relatable. Perhaps that explains why, in this case, the story was truly the ‘hero’ of the film. Further, the way Shakun Batra artfully showed the Indian family issues and their take on LGBTQ+ community was really crafty and unique.

13. Newton(2017)

Newton was a perfect satire on the world of idealism which is restricted to novels. This movie differentiates between how right and wrong becomes blurred in today’s world. The film had no hero or villain, rather it was an exploration of our minds about the battle of pragmatism vs. puritanism.

14. Andhadhun(2018)

Clever, very clever and intriguing to its death! Sriram Raghuvan has given us a film to cherish for ages. I am yet to figure out its ending and also I am sure of the fact that you are on the boat as I am. However, this movie showed Ayushmann Khurrana in a whole new avatar; gave us a reminder of what a brand of layer performance a versatile Tabu can give and how we can ignite our dying faith in good Bollywood thrillers!

15. October(2018):

This movie was a perfect reflection of the human mind’s ability to care. Much like the season of October, the movie title was based on the gentle yet effective rendition of the human capacity to feel.

16. Gully Boy(2019)

Zoya Akhtar brought alive a world that our Bollywood has been ignoring for entertainment purposes and this is the Indian gully rap! One has to say, no one can give an introduction to a world like this the way Zoya Akhtar has given. Zoya’s expert filmmaking ensured that this film along with the central theme touches different shades of feelings like friendship, romance, sexism, and financial disparity. What’s good about this film is that how well she ensured that every subject and character were interwoven.

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