Bukchod Picks: Top 15 worst Bollywood Movies of the Decade

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Bollywood is like the Pakistan Cricket Team; on one hand, it gives us movies to cherish and on the other, it makes us wonder how senseless and dumb this industry can be. Further, the mentioning of these movies makes us cringe and asks a question from us how could we even believe in the filmmaking?

Albeit all this, it is the audience that one can’t predict and is so dynamic that it makes those movies work which doesn’t deserve an audience!

Nevertheless, here is a list of few movies threatened to ruin this decade:


This remake demands your himmat to watch this epic masterpiece from Sajid Khan.


I am still unable to process this? By the description of the film, I think my friend who wanted to see Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” downloaded this one.


The whole film was based on conning and true to its nature, it conned us of our money!


Just one thing, when did it come?

Jodi Breakers:

What was this and why was this, is still a very big question. One of those movies that we regret paying money for.


Again a Sajid Khan’s masterclass! Only he had the power to turn Ram Kapoor into a woman.*Cries in the corner after watching on TV*


The much-hyped movie about SRK and Kajol coming back ended up with the audience pulling their hair. Could you recall the Kali(SRK Church) scene? If yes, then I can feel for you bro(Sympathizes)


What was it? Only thing I know is Jim Sarbh making a mockery of himself by acting in this and Deepika Padukone dancing pointlessly on a sleepy song.

Jab Harry met Sejal:

Feels like Shah Rukh Khan is Manchester United under David Moyes! How Imtiaz Ali went with this instead of his masterpiece is still a misery.


Talk about the worst movies and you miss out on Salman Bhai? This is a sin which you can’t commit.

Student of the year 2:

I also wanted to go to a college where they dance, play, flirt and kick each other’s ass but I think I was not a nepotism product.*Sighs*

Race 3:

One line– Salman Bhai defied Physics and pocketed our money!


On a journey of making another 2 states; the makers shot a bullet in our head!

Hate Story 4:

The audience hated this story more than a zillion times.

Action Jackson

Huh! Better not to say anything about this.

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