Bring the Street Taste to your House this Lockdown with these 3 Easy-to-Make Street Delights

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It has been quite a while now and our taste buds have started to crave for the ever-delicious street food. However, seeing the gravity of the situation, it won’t be fair to step-out or bully someone for our craving.


Besides, there have been a few news where the Police of a city made a few people clean the roads and various parts of the city due to their constant calling for a Samosa. Perhaps, this a very hygienic punishment one can get. Unless you don’t wish to join this cleaning troop, we will like to advise you stay indoors.


Still, if you think that your taste buds are getting devoid of the delicious variety of street food then our dear friend, this article is just the right stop for you. Here are a few appetizing street food that you can experiment at your home during your lockdown.

1.   Pani Puri

Without an iota of doubt this is one thing that everyone is missing. The tasty yet spicy water-balls which induces water from our noses and tears from our eyes, no we can’t write more. Apart from that, there are many more ways of having these hollow and crunchy puris. One can make ragda or even aloo masala puri with spicy green chutney and flavored water.

However, as much as it looks like making puri at home is not that hard. The video above will help make some crunchy puris that you can enjoy with your family.

2.   Dabeli

This dish comes from the kutch. However, the sad part here is that not many people are aware of this dish and its original taste. With a buttered pav stuffed by a mixture of sweet and spicy potato masala along with tomato, pomegranate, sev, and chopped onions, this street food is an easy-to-cook and ready to eat.

3.   Momos

Aren’t you missing this steamed item with mayo and chilli chutney? Of course you are and you are looking to ways to make it. Pause us if we are wrong! It is pretty interesting to see how quickly this South Asian delight has quickly made a special place in our hearts and developed an irreplaceable taste on our taste buds. A versatile snack that can combine with chicken as well as paneer and vegetables, can be easily made at home.

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