Brace yourself for scandals as Inside Edge 2 Trailer Promises a dirtier Game than Before

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It is going to be dirtier and scandalous! If you are wondering what I am talking about, just have a recap of the first season of Inside Edge.

Man! By now, you must have understood why we wrote the above line. The new trailer of Amazon Original Inside Edge Season 2 promises to get a lot dirtier than one can think off.

In this edition of the Power-Play League, the fans will see the rise of a volatile Vayu Raghavan, who after the finale of the last season gets to lead the Mumbai Mavericks in the absence of Arvind Vashisht.

However, the league will also set to feel the thrill of their biggest adversary inform of the rivalry between the former Mumbai Mavericks man and the newly appointed captain. With Arvind Vashisht leading the Haryana Hurricanes against Vayu Raghvan of Mumbai Mavericks, the question is whose title it’s gonna be?

Albeit all this, everyone knows that the game is going to counter the colossal scandal of the political system of the game which will promise to uproot the cricketing world.

The second season will also witness an impactful presence of Bhai saab, whose name was mostly heard during the first season and was a guiding force for Vikrant Dhawan(Vivek Oberoi). With, actor Aamir Bashir, the entry of Bhai saab is set to send chills down your spine as he plans to change the face of the game by transforming into a global sport rather than being just a commonwealth sport. However, why he wants to do something which is a little suspicious and seems to be the core of the second season.

With Zarina(Richa Chaddha) aspiring to be like him, this Amazon original also marks the return of Siddhart Chaturvedi as Prasant Kanojia, who is suffering from the trauma of killing Devendra Mishra(Amit Sial) and is also aspiring to rise above the ranks with the help of Vayu Raghvan. Apart from that, love interests have also changed in the second edition. Sapna Pabbi is going to play Vayu’s love interest whereas Elli Avram will be seen sharing the screen with Siddhant Chaturvedi.

However, Inside Edge season 2, as suggested by the trailer, will be seen as Vikrant Dhawan’s mess who jeopardizes the tournament with the player enhancement drugs so that the blame is on Bhai saab who joined hands with Zarina after Maverick’s victory at the end of season 1.

All this indicates one thing and that is, that our dose of scandal and drama with an element of cricket is finally back on December 6th. And, we have to admit, the game is getting dirtier and darker than ever.

Enjoy the trailer peeps, if you have or have not seen it!

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