Are you following these 5 Texting Etiquettes? These can Make and Break!

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One must be very cautious with their choice of words while speaking.

However, we think in this millennium world, it is better to tweak this sentence by “texting”.

Though there is a saying that goes by:

“When people communicate primarily by texting as a mode of their communication. It is a sure thing that they possess very little chance of having deep meaningful conversations.”

Regardless of that, we have been texting for a very long time. There was a time when we used to wait for letters and telegrams to know what is happening in a city that was 100 km away. Fast forward now, we can talk to our friends(all together), sitting in different countries, in a WhatsApp group that too within a second! From postman to internet we have indeed come a very long way.

But before we begin, I would like to ask you:

How many times have you noticed that your text has been miscomprehended or the tone of your text was sensed in a completely opposite manner?

meaningful conversations
It is a fact that texting is hampering the chances of having deep meaningful conversations,

Texting is a very hard job to do unless you are God, who never makes mistakes. Actually, he does too! Misinterpreted words, incomplete sentences, wrong emoticons, and most importantly, your tone of texting; this fast and convenient trickery has brought about its own set of cons, which has threatened to breach the etiquette boundary. The worst part is that we don’t know about this.

So, what to do? How to know things that we are sending is well within that etiquette boundary? Keeping all this in mind, here are a few tips/etiquettes that you can work upon to make you texting simple, polite and well-mannered:

Tip 1: Understanding your audience

Your text is a literal projection of your image!

understand your audience
Make sure you understand your audience to avoid saying OOPS!

Yes, so it is good to be careful while understanding your audience. There are ways of texting to different people. The way you communicate with your co-workers will differ from the way you communicate with your friends. The same can be said about your family and your boss.

So, it is good to be sure about what you are texting and, importantly, WHO you are texting.

Tip 2: Respond Quickly

This is one thing that people tend to take for granted. Maybe your quick reply may be perceived as a token of your-free time by your acquaintance. But trust this process, this creates a two-way flow. When people send you something, they think that you have received the message immediately and you will respond quickly.

Your late reply will be taken as a symbol of your tardiness.            

If you don’t do it unless you are busy or are willing to put yourself into that category; try making amends towards this etiquette. Your late responses can be heeded as your lack of concern towards that particular person. Besides, if you genuinely can’t attend that text at that very point, do offer an apology for your delay.

Tip 3: Clearly communicate what you want to say

Your lack of clarity in texting can create conflicts!

create confusion

Make sure that you check every bit of information and tone before you send your message. The tone of your text should be friendly and your message clear. It should not happen that the receiver is unsure of what he/she is reading. People have lost their business due to unclear texting. So, you can now comprehend the gravity and importance a clear, easy and simple to read text holds.

Tip 4: Don’t send paragraphs or n-liner replies

This is very turn-off if you have been doing it. Try giving the benefit of the doubt to the sender when he/she sends you a two-word reply. Consider them to be involved in some urgent situations.

always better to call
It is always better to call if you think there is something important to discuss.

Try keeping your text as short as possible in that condition. If you think that you have something very important to tell then, instead of writing lengthy text, pick your phone or meet them in person.

Tip 5: Always know where’s the end

It would be clingy, awkward, and stupid of you if you don’t know when to end a conversation. Though it is texting yet it is very similar to what we have in real conversation. Always heed or try to guess when the other person is ready to stop typing.


bad reflection
Doing this is a bad reflection of your personality.

If there are no responses, don’t cling on to write “Where are you?”, “Are you there?” or “Why are you not responding?”, doing this is a very big turn-off! And, perhaps, a bad reflection of your personality.

And, we thought that texting was here to make our communication easier and better; and, to some extent, it is! However, it is important to know when we are crossing the boundaries. If you are not careful, these simple-looking text can act like a nuclear bomb only create frustration and confusion.

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