Allow these 4 shows to recreate your Sweet Memories this Lockdown

lockdown special
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This lockdown is pretty special.

Think of it:

Will we ever get a chance to relive our childhood? Will our parents ever get a chance to tell us how they used to see Mahabharat and Ramayan in one house with the whole locality on one TV set? Will you ever feel the nostalgia of the advertisements of Amul, Donear, and many more products like that once this lockdown is over?


So to make this a bit more nostalgia; let’s sit in this wonderful time machine created by these digital platforms and see how we can convert this tense lockdown into something that we cherish and narrate in the forthcoming times.

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai (Disney+Hotstar)

sara bhai

Interesting fact: Ratna Pathak had her apprehensions while starting this show as she thought this show is belittling the middle-class people of India.

And guess what, who enjoyed this cult-classic the most? Yes, the Monisha beta dialogues created a special place in our hearts and Roshesh’s momma poems became a dedicated means of impressing our mom, especially for single children.

This is one show that everyone in a family enjoys. From grandparents to the youngest member, unless he/she is a toddler, this show has a character that everyone can relate to. Clearly, the best show to remember and narrate your longing memories.


“Praful!!! Tu ek dum gadha hai gadha”


For once you can say no to khichdi as food but you cannot deny this wholesome meal of family entertainer. The hilarious and quirky characters like that of Praful and Hansa strikes a chord with the viewer. Besides, thanks to the fact that we grew up, we can now even relate to the jokes that we once couldn’t as a child.

Fauji(DD, Amazon Prime)

Relive your life with Shah Rukh Khan!

Sahrukh Khan

Clearly, one show that kick-started the life of Shah Rukh Khan as an actor. From the pranks to the punishments to their daily struggles, this is the best time to recall and feel that. Though we are uncertain about this serial’s time on DD still we can tell you that Amazon Prime is the place where you can binge-watch it. So, who are you waiting for?

Shararat… Thoda Jadu, Thoda Magic(Disney+Hotstar)

Remember, how we adjusted our playtime to just juice out those precious 30 minutes for this show?


Yeah! Today’s kids will not understand the privilege we had with Star One. However, they can now feel the magic this show once gave us. So take them by your side and sit with them to binge-watch or whatever way you want to see the magic of Shring wling sharvaling bhoot bhavishya vartaman badling


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