8 Sleeping Positions That Say About Your Relationship!

Does a relationship exist only when you’re awake? Do your actions, while you are awake, say a lot about your relationship? Do you think you know yourself and your relationship pretty well?

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We all sleep but we haven’t noticed the position in which we sleep. Well, sleeping positions define your personality. When it comes to you and your partner then you must notice your sleeping position.


  1. Conquering spacing- She seeks closeness, he wants to stay away
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  2. Slight Touch- Tranquility Comfort and friendship
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  3. Stargazing – Strong connection between each other
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  4. Spooning- Sincere Care and attention
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  5. Strong shoulder- love tenderness and affection.
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  6. Touch points – love respect each other’s personal space
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  7. Dialogue- Spiritual connection
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  8. Love knot- passion and tenderness
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    So, do not think about changing yourself after discovering your sleeping position because the person, who loves you, loves you for your real personality.

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