5 years and 92 trips later. The Story Behind Modi’s International Travels

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Narendra Modi is eyeing another 5 years as the prime minister of the world’s largest democracy. A lot has happened in his tenure, the most evident of which have been his international trips. A total of 92 trips have been made across a total of 57 countries. But what exactly have these trips incurred? Let’s break down a few of the facts and the criticism surrounding Modi’s international itinerary:

  • The FDI or foreign direct investment has seen a hike to a total of $193 billion. This is 50% more than what there was before Modi. However even such a staggering growth in the FDI has not improved the employment numbers. Analysts have blamed this upon the rise of capital intensive industries instead of labor intensive ones.


  • The trips had a significant impact on crude oilpurchases with deals struck with the US, Russia and the Middle East.


  • The entire image of India as the next investment hotspot and a global power is one of the good achievements of the prime minister’s international engagements.

All in all the trips incurred praises as well as its own fair share of criticisms from the world. Every individual had his/her own perspective on the matter and looks like it reaped a considerate quotient of advantages but with a few question marks.

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