5 texting signs that shows that the girl you’re texting is into you

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Man, we men are a confused lot. She says something and we interpret something else. Moreover, we text with her for hours and we still end up questioning ourselves whether she is really interested or not?

Nevertheless, we are here to help you out! Here are a few texting signs that can indicate whether she is truly into you or not.

Long detailed text:

Zakir Bhai ki chatte aur paragraphs yaad hai? Yes, those detailed messages are the very first sign of her into you. With a corporate job, it is tough for anyone to communicate efficiently over call; but, the text is there to talk about how your or her day went.

So, if she is texting you first or is making an attempt to get the conversation going without awkward short-talk then this your first sign to understand that the person is into you.

Quick to reply:

This is a tough feature to find in an age where attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. If the cute girl is texting you quickly then it is a sure sign that she has fallen for you!

Rapid replies are one of the surest signs that the other person likes you and is looking forward to text back.

The concern factor:

If they are making an effort to check whether you have had dinner or have reached home safely, they are really concerned for you.

If they see a future with you, you will notice that soon and realise that something is different about their text. You will find that there is a little lack of the “fun” element. But, hey! Not everything is fun.

Use of Emoticons:

Use of emoticons means two things; either they are too enthusiastic to talk to you or they are using emoticons as a way to express their love for you.

If they send you a heart or a love-struck emoji now and then, then it’s more than just a friendly banter and you have your another sign. Don’t you think that?

First thing in the morning and the last thing at night you see their unread text:

First thing, this is not clingy! This is your sign to pick up. If what you want is matching with what they want then it means something and you should notice that!

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