5 Songs That Will Uplift Your Senses At Work #WorldMusicDay

21 June World Music Day
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“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” (Ludwig Van Beethoven)

For some it is embedded in their daily life, they just cannot live without listening to new or their favorite artists. For some, it is a profession and for some, it is just there in the background. People have different perspectives but the fact that music has the potential to heal the sick and lift the depressed is acknowledged by all. The corporate environment presents itself as one filled with competition and work pressure. Songs can effectively help in dealing with the stress quotient in working individuals. Here are 5 songs that work best in the corporate world for lifting spirits or stress-busting:

1.Beethoven – Quasi Una Fantasia

So they say that classical music is the best while working. It doesn’t interfere with anything the mind is trying to concentrate on. Moreover, it helps the mind focus better. This is one of the most popular of Beethoven’s pieces that will instill a sense of euphoria in the mind. But don’t worry it won’t get in way of your work. Just don’t listen to it if you’re sleepy.

Beethoven – Beethoven – Quasi Una FantasiaQuasi Una FantasiaCredits: Beethoven – Quasi Una Fantasia

2.A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles

“So we came to a hard day’s night”. A culmination of the artistic genius that ‘The Beatles’ were. This song is to uplift the senses with its peppy rhythm and amazing vocals. A really good one if you’re nearing the end of your work time.

A Hard Day’s Night – The BeatlesCredits: A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles

3.Linkin Park – The Messenger

Regardless of the fact that you like rock/metal music his extremely beautiful track by Linkin park is sure to give you the necessary positivity and motivation required in the work environment. The track is more on the acoustic end with just Chester Bennington’s stunning vocals and guitar.

Linkin Park – The MessengerCredits: Linkin Park – The Messenger

4.Coldplay – A Star Full of Stars

It won’t be wrong to add more than one song by Coldplay in this list but this one is particularly refreshing. Stressed beyond recognition? Just hit play on this and enjoy it! You indeed are a sky full of stars.

Coldplay – A Star Full of StarsCredits: Coldplay – A Star Full of Stars

5.Rage Against The Machine – Calm Like a Bomb

Lacking the necessary rush at work and you don’t mind metal? Well, this will work better than espresso. Just be careful not to blow anything out of proportion. Use it wisely.

Rage Against The Machine – Calm Like a BombCredits: Rage Against The Machine – Calm Like a Bomb

Even a hundred songs won’t be enough to conclude the list as music is something that is relative to every other individual. Some might like something the other would not. Regardless the songs on this list might just work for everyone if in the right mood. We hope at least!

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