5 Places That Don’t Require a Visa and Are Perfect to Spend Your Valentine’s Day

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So, the Valentines week has finally started and, we wonder that you must be willing to cover extra yards to make this week a little more special for your loved one. If this is your first time then man, we advise you to make this extravagant and do something unexpected for your partner.

However, what are the possible options to make it extraordinary? Well, we all know that travelling is fun and when it comes to international trips it can be the best experience you can gift to your partner. However, we all know how tedious it can become when you are involved in the visa process. Nevertheless, we are here to make your week better than ever by suggesting you places where you don’t need a visa. Let’s see those places:


Surreal beaches, stylish resorts, reefs and lagoons and the tasty street food; don’t you crave for all this? If you decide to visit this beautiful place then do take time out to notice the different shades of uneven volcanic surface and also, the popular sugar museum with its own sugarcane.


There is no better exotic neighbourhood location than Nepal. With Himalayan beauty on offer, one thing is sure that this country will leave you and your partner spell-bound with heaps of praise about UNESCO World Heritage Site, that is a stupa, Boudhanath.

Cook Islands

If scuba-diving is on your mind then my friend this is the place you will love to visit. The Cook Islands is a group of 15 islands scattered over a vast area. Visiting this place and not taking time out for the exceptional beaches and Aitutaki Lagoon will be a shame.


This place boasts an interesting blend of Portuguese and Chinese characteristics. It will be fair to say that this place is Las Vegas of Asia. Do pay a visit to the former Portuguese colony which is famous for its casino hopping and also the Taipa Village if you have a craving for the tempting Portuguese egg tart.


At the eastern edge of Himalayas lies the happiest place on Earth. Do check out the monasteries, the grand dzongs, hills and valleys. Don’t consider your trip complete if you forgot to visit Paro Dzong which is the most popular and photogenic piece of architecture. Ohh! Also, indulge yourself into the native street food and cuisines.


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