5 Movies From The Golden Era Of Bollywood That You Must Watch During The Lockdown

5 Movies for you
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Day 6 of lockdown and, for the first time, we feel that time is by our side. After all, who would have thought that a Monday would feel like a Sunday, unless you are not working from home?

With the passage of time, it is becoming harder for us to decide what we should do in our “free-time”. Oops! We are sorry, for us, at the present moment, every time is free time.

Nevertheless, hoping that you have sorted your unquenchable thirst for “Netflix and Chill”, we suggest that you should add these Bollywood classics into your watchlist or in your hard-drive, in case they are not there on the online platform.



Our senior filmmakers were genius! And, Dosti is an epitome of their genius and creative mind.

Well-spurned, Dosti highlights a series of unfortunate events that see Ramu lose his parents and his legs. In Mohan, a visually impaired boy, he finds a friend who helps Ramu survive on the streets of a bustling city.

Dosti Movie

Each and every moment of this movie makes you empathize with the situation of young actors. This is one movie in which you should invest your precious time instead of a tiresome tv series.



If we ask you to close your eyes and tell what do you see when you hear the name, Sanjeev Kumar. What do you see? For sure, you will see him the most iconic scene where his hands are tied and Gabbar is asking for his hands.


No doubt, Sholay was a wonderful one-of-a-generation type of movie yet, for an actor, it is good to ensure that he is known by both his work and character. A thing applied by Hugh Jackman. The same can be said about Sanjeev Kumar. He was like an icing on the cake. His acting skills were impeccable, there was no competition to the aura he brought with him in the movies.

For that reason, we suggest you watch Koshish.


The story revolves around a hearing and speech impaired couple who fight, endure and persevere against the unforgiving notions of the society to live a life of acceptance and dignity.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro(1983)

Jaane bhi do yarro

Naseeruddin Shah is a very acclaimed actor and a veteran of this industry; his Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro is a cult-classic comedy, which could also be termed as his best movie to date.

Directed by Kundan Shah, the movie revolves around the story of two friends who in an attempt to open their start-up, a photo studio, come face-to-face with the shady dealing of their city. To fight against the corruption, murder, and various questionable act, these two friends work towards bringing justice to the people and guilty to light.

jane  bhi do yaro

Though the plot seems to be a little tense yet the series of comedy-of-errors that unfold between the scenes are delightful.


Saarans movie

One is bound to wonder where are these spartan writers who had such imaginative powers and observation that they can spin a story like Saaransh.

Anupam Kher’s debut movie, Saraaransh, is about an old couple who come to terms with life while renting a room near the Shivaji Park in Mumbai, after the death of their only son on the mean streets of New York. While on rent, they are joined by an upcoming actress who lives with them. However, they come to realize that she is in love with the only son of a local politician. The main story starts after all this, which we will prevent from spilling so that you can enjoy this masterpiece later on.


For awards fanatics, this movie was chosen as India’s official entry for the 1985 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Chameli ki Shaddi(1986)

chameli ki shaadi

This is a shoutout to all Romeo and Juliet’s out there, this movie is better than any Hollywood rom-com. Yes, we can go to that extent! In an era of Jakass Anil Kapoor, this movie depicted the real problems that lovers had to face due to the community barriers.

Mohabbat ke dushman

Though this is less prevalent in today’s time, this movie will take you through a bumpy ride of a lover’s story and his planning to flee away with his beloved. Anil Kapoor has been an ever-shining figure in this movie and that is complemented by the cheekiness and cuteness of Amrita Singh. To support, Pankaj Kapur and Amjad Khan provide fuel to fire with their powerful and impactful performances.

All in all, revisiting our old films will be a heartening thing to do! Yes, binge-watching the new shows and content are important yet watching classics will give us an insight into the real content that was and is relatable in our society, not forgetting that we will get to know the era of our parents and grandparents.

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