5 Most Irritating Types of People You Would Find At Public Places!

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People are different everywhere and have their own way of doing things (quite miserably sometimes). Thankfully, public places have always given us a fair chance to witness these most irritating genres of people throughout the world!
Continue reading to check out the 5 most irritating types of people we all have found at the following public places.

1. Metro Station

These people are mostly found rushing out of the metro as if they are going to miss their flight every day and night. Such Usain Bolts make you realize that you are not just slow but also a loser in life. “Life Is A Race” is the quote they have taken a little too seriously

2. Lifts

We all have encountered that one crazy person who doesn’t bother queueing, and walks right into the elevator the moment the door opens! In fact, it’s an unspoken crime to rush in and kind of steal that spot from the person who has been waiting for the lift.

3. Share Cabs

These days, carpooling is something we all have to opt for our everyday commuting needs. But wait! Just when you thought it’s a perfect day, there’s another booking added and here comes the most irritating co-passenger of your life. The one who comes late at the picking point talks loudly on phone, and gives a 2000 rupees note for a Rs.79 ride!

4. Flights

These are the people, you will find in almost every flight you have been to. In spite of repetitive announcements, as soon as the flight lands, they will unlock their seat belts, take out their hand luggage and, of course, will stand on queue to go out as if rest of the flyers have to stay there forever.

5. Restaurants

These are the people who barely have any interest in the basic idea of eating out. All they care about is ‘capturing the moments’ no matter if the food served on the table gets cold! Yes, we’re talking about the click experts who find a restaurant the best place to display their photography skills. They are also ready with the perfect captions and tweets long before the meal is over.

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