5 Hacks that will prevent bad odor even if you don’t Bath!

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Winter and bath, man! How could one say these two words in the same line? It is not that we avoid taking a bath in winters but, with the temperature dipping below 10 degree Celsius, one should not be blamed for skipping a bath or two.

And, don’t you think that sitting inside a warm blanket watching a match or a movie or a binge-watching Netflix or Amazon original is a good idea? Nevertheless, life ain’t what we think to be. We are workers and have a regular 9-6 job and because of this hectic schedule.

Nonetheless, irrespective of how difficult our lives shape out to be, there is an underlying instinctive need to take bath so that we don’t want stink worse than a mopping cloth or do we?

However, if there is a problem then there is a hack to get over that. Here are a few hacks that will make us smell fresh and nice despite not taking a bath:

Baby Wipes/Wet Tissues

Regardless of what the grooming routine one follows, having a baby wipes/wet tissues is a must. Besides the fact that they are a great material to wipe of creams, dirt spots and they come in handy in almost all the various kinds of situations.

One should keep a packet of wet wipes ready near them be it in office, bag(if gone for an outing) and at home, it is a must.

This should be the basic thing for anyone to always keep a pack of baby wipes both at the office and the home. Taking a few wet wipes to the washroom and cleaning your armpits from time to time is a necessary thing when you are skipping a bath. Doing this not only keeps the germs and bacteria at bay due to its antibacterial ointment but also it also helps you smell normal for a longer part of the day.

Use of an Antiperspirant:

The best way after wiping armpits with wet wipes is to apply some good antiperspirants. Antiperspirant is a thing one should have in their bag as this helps in controlling the sweat. Generally, it works in two ways一 it does not allow the sweat to reach the outer layer of the skin and it also gets rid of the bacteria on the skin.

Coupling this with a good cologne sets your tone in the right direction.

Body Lotion Before A Cologne:

As a thumb rule that one should always apply some body lotion near the armpit area before applying a cologne. The reason behind this is that the application of lotion holds the duo of cologne and antiperspirant together which means that you don’t have to worry about applying it at short intervals.

Loading it up with Cologne and Deodorants:

If you are one of those who sweat endlessly, then you should actually need to carry a good deodorant or cologne. One should use this at short intervals so that the individual is all set and is constantly smelling good.

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