4 Unusual but Day-To-Day Things to Make the Best out of your Weekend

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Friday is here! However, the vicious spread of Coronavirus has made it difficult for people to go out and have fun. Though, many, who don’t fall for bullshit traps, have the courage to enjoy their life on their own terms. There are a few people who will not want to risk their life chances by opting to go out.

That brings me to the question, what will you do then? With Angrezi Medium hitting the theatres and you not leaving your comfortable couch just because of some depressing journalism over a virus, you are already missing out on a chance to watch a wonderful movie of an actor who made it possible despite having body problems of his own.

Since you are coming to this article, unless it was forcefully shared by a fanatic writer, it’s our duty to provide you with some fun elements that will make your weekend worth remembering. So, check out the best option that suits you, perhaps, every bit will do!

Revisit the games of the past

Crossword, snakes and ladders, ludo, UNO, and what not! There are so many games to look forward to. Yes, you will not be spending your well earned two days in playing that, but how about giving some time to it. It’s a shame that we are forgetting these gems just because of our constant tension of uploading something on our social handles.

Revisit these jewels because of two things; one, you will feel elated and, two, with these games, you might visit your childhood days. Started to feel nostalgic?

Write something down

It is not necessary for anyone to be a professional writer in order to write a piece of a wonderful story. You are unique in your way, and so are your thoughts. You were not a writer when you wrote 400-450 words essay in your school for classwork and homework. It is always good to pen them down. Who knows what you might discover while doing this. Don’t think too much about the grammar, or the flow of the context, or a plethora of things that block your path. Just write it down and let words unveil the way they are meant to be!

Read a book

Pick something and read. Unless it is not a newspaper. Even reading the sports column or the special mention page of the newspaper is not bad. These provide a different perspective on life. Try finding the genre which suits you the most. Try finding a book that speaks to you. Books make a great friend! All they ask is your time and patience to calm yourself down and detox yourself from all the activities you have been running into your brain.

Cook something, anything

This is the best of the lot! You might make a misery of your kitchen, but you can be extremely satisfied with the thing you’ll cook for yourself. Try ditching your maid just as she ditches you. Cooking gives a great outlook on life. When the food slowly but steadily cooks on the medium flame, you will see that you are alive to each and every moment of that particular process. You will get the aroma tickling your nose, the ingredients will dance in the pan in front of your eyes, and when the meal is ready, your tongue will feel the heavenly taste which was hiding in your hands.

Try this, and thank us later.

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