4 Summers Essential that you should have in your Wardrobe

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Okay then, winters are a thing of past and the bright sunny days an affair with our future. Also, those who don’t enjoy wearing four or five layers of clothes, man, it’s your time! Barge into your street, office, club or whatever place you want to visit with the trendiest summer look.

However, it’s also time to bid adieu your old collection and invest in something quirky, a little funky and more importantly, a bit sneaky fresh arrivals to give yourself the edge you deserve.

But with so many things on the plate, where to begin to upgrade the wardrobe with street style essentials? Dude! We have you covered; here are five summer essentials for a sneaky street look:

Go after Graphic Shirts

Take some inspiration from Ranveer Singh. He is the gutsiest man on the face of this earth! No one, we repeat, no one has the courage to match what he wears. Perhaps, taking a leaf out of his books is all you need to refresh your wardrobe with some bright fun prints.

A Waterfall Cardigan

Opting for a basic waterfall cardigan to layer your summer outfit is the perfect thing. Look for cardigans in cotton or linen, this fabric will help you to keep your body cool.

Trendy Joggers

Be it summers or winters, everyone should have, if not trendy, a basic set of joggers in your wardrobe.  To achieve a casual look and laid-back, joggers should be the go-to option. Do invest in colourful joggers because the more colourful you, the better you will spend your summer.

Bright Quirky Tees

Ain’t no way in this world where you will opt for everything under the sun but not this. This is the basic of the basic stuff that you should have in your summer wardrobe. Switching your basic tees with some funky prints will be a testament of your versatility.

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