4 Hilarious reaction on Messi’s sixth Ballon D’or win that will make you go ROFL

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Was there ever any doubt? Even the favourites tipped him to be the best this year!

Indeed, Messi is from a different planet. Just a night before receiving his record-breaking sixth Ballon D’or, he did something normal by just casually curling the ball into the right bottom corner in the 88th minute to take Barcelona home against Atletico Madrid.

Well it won’t be wrong for any one of us to admit that every game has a god, Cricket had Sachin Tendulkar, Basketball had Micheal Jordan, and football has Messi. Though Cristiano Ronaldo is a no less by any means yet he is a human who turned into a goal machine. He made us realize the power of determination and hard work. But, with Messi, we witnessed something spectacular, a game of where he was casting spells, a game where he was dribbling the ball from a plethora of defenders and nutmegging them for goal, a curling scoop from the goal kick line over the goalkeepers head for a goal which no one thought could happen, curling a 40 yard free kick into the top corner against a keeper who was the best in the business, thus, producing a win came out of nowhere with goals which amazed and left us with open jaws; perhaps, all this accounts for magic, a magic which only God can perform!

Nevertheless, with Messi winning his sixth Ballon D’or has produced some epic reactions; here are some of them; hope you will enjoy them!

Messi while scoring goals throughout the season with his team to win Ballon D’or.

Ronaldo after seeing Messi win the Ballon D’or award for the sixth time.

Ronaldo after winning Seria A player of the year and realising he should swap trophy with Messi:

Messi fans after seeing Ronaldo and fans burn in despair

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