4 Countries in the world where you can get Marijuana legally

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Bam Bhole!

Before beginning this, isn’t it  mandatory to thank Bhole baba for his prasad? Of course, it is!

Although the sale, possession and consumption of marijuana is prohibited in our country still there are countries where people have access to baba’s prasad. In some parts of the world, it is in the form of ‘bhang’, the edible form of cannabis, whereas in other parts people can get cannabis legally; all in all, it is hard to keep baba’s bhakt away from his prasad which also forms an integral part of the Hindu culture.

All said and done, let’s have a look at the countries where marijuana is legalised in one form of other.

The Netherlands:

This is a stoner’s go to place. After its legalization, marijuana has become an easier thing to get than coffee! Indeed it is. Amsterdam is the current budding city with over 250 coffee shop where a stoner can smoke up without getting disturbed! Isn’t this awesome? Buy coffee and sit in the clouds of cannabis for a lifetime.


Spain has a unique set-up for marijuana! It has legalised its cannabis only for personal consumption.

Spain’s government is like, “Arey, tum karlo lekin dusre ko nahi karne dena, yeh law hum sirf tumhare liye pass karrhe hai.”

For those who are thinking now how to reach this special private place; don’t worry, across Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, there are legal weed dens that can be found to enjoy the clouds of Marijuana.


It was among the first two states in the US which legalised the use of marijuana. Here locals and tourists can buy up to 28 grams of weed. There are cannabis-friendly hotels and dispensaries that also provide light up to people whenever they want.


Here the law directs the residents of the country to be over 18 years of age to legally buy marijuana.

For tourists, it is advisable to have either a localite or should sign for a cannabis tour so that it can enable you to smoke a joint on the steps of the Legislative Assembly!

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