4 Alternatives to Your Junk Cravings That Will Make a Difference

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It is almost impossible for a lot of people to follow a strict diet avoiding everything junk throughout the day. When you crave for a ham burger how can you settle for a fruit? Cravings are the worst enemy for all diet freaks out there. “Giving in” is perhaps the only way out and the guilt afterwards is unforgiving. Sweet Sin they call it. So today, we’ve got 4 healthier alternatives to all your junk cravings. Yes! They’re equally tasty and might quench your impulses to quite an extent.

Sweet Potato wedges instead of tater chips

So you’re just a second away from grabbing your favourite lays packet? Think again. Sweet potato wedges are healthier, tastier and will give you the satisfaction that you desperately desire.  Moreover, they’re rich sources of Vitamin A, B6, C and D. Surely a better alternative.

Frozen yoghurt instead of Ice cream

Oh! You’ve got the entire tub for the family. Or is it just for you? Just go back once, your hardcore session at the gym or rather the entire month of rigorous training will be left with nothing but sugar and calories. Is it really worth it? Absolutely not! We’ve got a better option. Try frozen yoghurt for a change. It is sweet but it also helps your digestive system. Pair it with nuts and fresh fruit for a healthy dessert experience.

Dark Chocolate instead of Chocolate

Picking up a pack of chocolates from the store? Why not go for dark chocolate? It won’t take as much pieces to keep you satisfied and it is healthier. It has antioxidants and will protect you from heart problems as well. What more can you ask for?

PS: The “dark” quotient should be 75% or higher. It’s not that easy 😉

Lettuce wrap instead of Mutton burger

Cut down on carbs. I’m sure you’ve heard this more than once. So the next time you’re craving for a mutton burger go in for a lettuce wrap. Just remove the burger buns and replace them with good ol lettuce. Simple right? Try it!!

There you have it. We’ve made life easier for you. You won’t have to hold on to your cravings anymore. Gym enthusiasts can let a little loose and choose these alternatives whenever the mind goes “Cheat Day”. Normal people can opt this for a healthier daily lifestyle.

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