3 Things to do with your Children to make this Lockdown a Quality Time

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So, how is your lockdown period going?

We can assume that it is taking the better of you and a toll on your mental sanity. Though there are some people who will opt for books, games on either PS4 or Xbox or might resort to Amazon Prime and Netflix to complete their wishlist.

However, I am here to share a common concern with Millenium parents. Yes, parents! Over a period of 3 days, I have seen a lot of kids either complaining of boredom or were passing their time with an electronic gadget on their hands.


It takes 21 days to form a habit, and, with god’s blessing, you have it! So, just a question, why don’t you spend some time with your children? In case you are doing then that is great. However, for those who are not, indulging yourself with them will help them grow and make you realize what your kid is good at.

Kids learn everything from us. They see what we do and enact the same. So, this brings me to the question, is it really important to pass your time putting the status of “say hi and I will post a photo of you with a message” or “ignoring your kid to pass your time on fake rumors on Facebook?

I think I have asked enough for you to contemplate. Nevertheless, if you have rectified the problem, then I have the solution for it. Let’s see what they are:

Relive your childhood shows with them

We have to agree on one thing and that is we were lucky in terms of what we got for our entertainment. Shows like Noddy, Bob the builder, Tom and Jerry, Oswal, Dexter’s Laboratory, and there were so many that were pure gold. They gave us valuable insights and teaching along with entertainment. And, given today’s cartoons, it is the best time for you to cash-in and brings a slight change in the choices of your kid.


Further, you can also take a chance to introduce your kid with the epics like The Ramayan and The Pandavas. Besides, making them watch some action in the form of Justice League, Iron man, Robocop, Batman, and Superman will also turn things in your favor. As you won’t have to watch the next superhero movie alone.



Luka Chuppi, Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi, Tipi Tipi Tap, and of course, ludo and snake & ladders. It’s time for you to introduce your kid to the real version and, perhaps, the gems of the 90s. Even playing Uno with your family is not a bad idea.


Besides, if you have good space in your house or have a terrace, you can teach skipping to your kid and even, fun games like Pitthu, dog and the bone( it was a real fun game)

Introduce them to the power of storybooks

story books

If you can introduce them to books like Champak and Panchtantra; you can sense that your child is losing him/herself in the magical narrative of these insightful books. Besides, you can pass on your comics, if you have a collection of superhero comics.

Kid's book

But do make sure of a thing that while you pass on a book to your kid, you also read a book along with them. It will be unfair to them to see that you are asking them to study something interesting while you are busy posting/liking status on social media.

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