3 Real Ways in which you can counter Coronavirus! Mind you, Each Way is a Medicine in Itself

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Pandemic! Yes, the recent outbreak has seen Coronavirus attain this title by the experts at the WHO. Millions of people are affected, 200 cases are there in the USA itself. Out of these 200, Tom Hanks and his wife are well-known people who have been diagnosed.

Moving forward, football clubs in Europe have resorted to either postponing their fixtures or playing them in close doors. The recent close door game included PSG vs Borrusia Dortmund in France. Players too are not allowed to touch or shake hands fearing that they might come in contact with this virus. However, the fun side of the story is that they are allowed to hug and pull each other during the match. Perhaps, the players are immune while playing, maybe this can be a cure for this pandemic.

Nevertheless, this article is not about football or celebrities getting affected by the disease. This is about how you can really work out a solution

Given the fact that Covid-19 has created ruckus in the world and the death toll is rising with each passing day. What can you do to prevent yourself from catching these harmful germs?

For sure, you will be thinking of the standard ways of using sanitizers, using a mask and maybe, not going out of your house, as the ultimate way to combat this. Howbeit, my friend, this pearl of wisdom can save yourself and many like you by doing just 3 simple things. Don’t you wanna know what they are?

Close your news channels

They know what really hits you; and, this is the reason why they call it TRP! They have all sorts of guns to counter any XYZ situation occurring in this world. They don’t want to provide you the feel-good factor.

Basically, these media channels have the license to kill, a license which helps to target your mind; thus, feeding a piece of information that might act a virus in your mind.

Think about it. Apart from showing the death tolls and the celebs that are coming in Covid-19 contact, have they ever shown the stats regarding how many successful cases have been recovered?

They will show that out of 1,26,380 cases, 4,634 people have died across the world. But what about the rest? Isn’t the recovered people’s statistics important?

We are well-read people in an open thinking world, don’t let these prime time tablers influence your thinking and play with your mind. Who knows you might encounter this disease by watching a news channel.

Don’t read anything about it!

Perhaps, this includes this article (hehe)…

As mentioned, news channels have different ways of propaganda. From a news anchor ranting about a certain voting scheme followed by citizens of a state to people writing encrypted articles for the morning atom bombs that slide through your door every morning know what it takes to pollute your mind. You might think that what you are seeing or reading is beneficial but in reality, they are rumors that don’t depict the real story.

Don’t fall for traps

India has a solution for everything. If news channels work their way to pollute their mind then homeopathy and Indian nuska’s are there to clean it.

Believe me or not but I received medicine for Covid-19 from someone who said that it was meant to be taken empty stomach. I am not questioning or mocking the intention of the person providing it but I am simply thinking how a well-read man can fall for a trap like this. When a world is fighting to find a cure for this pandemic, how can a small pill act as a defender in a body which has not been exposed to that particular disease?

Again, process this and ask yourself, will you let this small nuska fool you? Maybe, you can catch this deadly, curable yet incurable in the world’s eye virus by falling for these traps. Who knows?

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