3 Easy Hacks To Find The Perfect Winter Perfume That Can Do Wonders To Your Winter’s Fragrance

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Most of us overlook the fact that in winters the perfume we use is far from noticeable. Indeed, it is! Mostly due to the drop in temperatures, the perfumes don’t linger on our body the way they do in the summers. Also, this happens partly due to your body’s moisture level, which gets the skin to get drier.

If the moisture is dried then your perfumes can’t last the way it should. However, people who have oily skin are benefitted here.

Nevertheless, to make things easier, here are four best ways how you can ensure that your perfumes’ fragrance lasts longer in winter:

1. Opting for perfumes that have heavy fragrances

For summers, you don’t need heavy ephemeral fragrances, light perfumes can work for your body. However, in winters where the existence of perfume’s fragrance is almost next to zero, you should opt for perfumes that have heavier scents. Getting a scent with a heavier fragrance is one of the best ways to smell good all day long.

2. Go get a feel of perfumes notes

Believe it or not, this is the most important thing you need to understand about perfumes. The base notes of perfumes are of utmost importance in winters. They are the heaviest part as compared to middle and top notes. Thus making it a good base note is necessary. Perfumes like sandalwood, vanilla or patchouli which are common for the winter season are advisable.

 3. Category

There are many categories of perfume. However, the most recommended for the winter season is the oriental perfume category. This category usually consists of spicy winter perfumes that have a strong fragrance like that of cinnamon, cardamon, and many such varieties. These perfumes have a rich and exotic feel which help them last all day long.

To conclude, when you go out to buy a scent, leave your house without applying one. Check for the notes, look how the fragrance of that particular perfumes is changing with time. If it fades away then that perfume is not for you.

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