10 Weird Holidays That Actually Exist In The World

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“Holiday” is one word that alone has the power to bring the brightest smiles on our faces unless you are that nerd at school who always reminded the teacher about that shitty surprise test. But no matter how much we grow up, holidays will always be special to our hearts. Like who wouldn’t want to find reasons to eat, drink, and dance even on weekdays? However, this obsession with celebrating holidays has gone too far these days and is becoming weirder day by day. So, check out this list of hilarious and strange holidays that are actually celebrated in different parts of the world!

1. January 11 — Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Believe it or not, this is an actual holiday. Supposedly, this day is simply meant to celebrate fun and mischief. Also, it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of a not-so-good friend!

Splash Your Friends Day
Credit: cdn-images

2. February 28 — Public Sleeping Day

Maybe this day gives you the best opportunity to sleep in public quite “officially”. Best spots to sleep: In a metro, a bus, park benches, and your office desk (last one absolutely at your own risk!).

Public Sleeping DayCredit: Giphy

3. March 15 — Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

A day that makes you feel like a piece of sh*t. A day that reminds you of your dominating ex who bloody thinks the same!

Everything You Think Is Wrong DayCredit: Giphy

4. April 16 — Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Not a bad thing to do as long as you get some extra minutes in the bed. After all, what could be better than hopping off the bed and getting straight to work?

Wear Your Pajamas to Work DayCredit: Giphy

5. May 14 — Dance Like a Chicken Day

Definitely, there’s no dance like the chicken dance in the world. You do not need any dance classes, any specific music, or any dancing shoes. All you need is some craziness and a crazy dance partner!

Dance Like a Chicken DayCredit: Giphy

6. June 21 — National Selfie Day

Of course, we couldn’t miss this one after a recent study showed 93 million selfies are posted per day and 10 selfies are posted to Instagram every 10 seconds, on average.

National Selfie DayCredit: imore images

7. July 3 — Compliment Your Mirror Day

Guess what you need to do today? Simply stand in front of your mirror, eyes closed, deep breathe, smile, and open your eyes… Woah! Isn’t the person in the mirror stunning? Check!

Compliment Your Mirror DayCredit: vh1.mtvnimages

8. August 13 — International Left-Handers Day

As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to all those who have struggled all their lives with school desks, coffee mugs, cameras, scissors, computer mouse, and everything in the world that is built just for the right-hand.

International Left-Handers DayCredit: Giphy

9. September 13 — Blame Someone Else Day

Well, sounds like a piece of cake. That’s something we do almost every day, be it a failed relationship, or a fart!

Blame Someone Else DayCredit: images

10. October 9 — Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

Best day to introduce your most loved teddy to your colleagues. Take your teddy on a tour around the office, share lunch with him, and if possible, let him do some of your office work for the day.

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work DayCredit: tenor images

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