10 Memes on Coronavirus that prove Twitterati can make Anything Funny

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No matter how worse the situation is, Twitterati knows how to make a thing funny. From India’s World Cup exit to Modiji’s tweet to quit social media, Twitterati produced some magical moments of laughter.

Following the same, they did not spare the current world crisis in the form of Coronavirus. Though this situation is no laughing material yet the internet and its wise men have found a way of finding some tongue-in-cheek moments.

So, after observing for a while, we thought its best to lighten up the tense atmosphere and provide you with a dose of laughter. Hence, the memes! Here we go:

Don’t mind if you’re barber cuts and washes your hair in this way.

Perhaps, the right way to take a stand for this crisis.

Pran jaye par nuske na jaye!

Talk about nuske and forget Yogi ji? Eiii aacha baat nhi hai

What to say.

Find this man!

Give me some, please!!!

Everything said and done, please take care of yourself and the people around you. And, do take necessary precautions and treatments for this disease.

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